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Find your perfect accommodation hassle-free

Discover comfortable living spaces that suit your needs and preferences

Job Support

Unlock your career potential with our comprehensive job support

Professional assistance in crafting a standout resume, preparing for interviews, and developing effective job search strategies.


Supporting individuals by helping them join relevant groups and connect with existing students. 

They facilitate integration into various communities and offer assistance in establishing connections with peers

Legal Document Support

Streamline your documentation process effortlessly

We cover essential tasks such as applying for Tax File Number, Australian Business Number, Bank Account, Simcard etc.

Health & Education

Explain the destination country’s healthcare system, vaccination requirements, emergency services, and health insurance options.

We emphasize mental health support, local pharmacies, and accessing social services.

Local Resources

Helps with local resources by offering app links commonly used in your nearby area.

Provide information about local attractions, services, and amenities.

Ongoing Support

AfterBuddy provides ongoing support to individuals, ensuring continuous assistance, updates, issue resolution, and a feedback loop.